Plan the Layout of Your Unit with a Self Storage Calculator 


At some point in our lives, we all run into the problem of having too much stuff in the house. Whether it’s from accumulating too much or inheriting things without notice, there are many reasons to need to invest in renting storage space. Before choosing a storage space service provider, it is best practice to use a self storage calculator to estimate how much space you need for the belongings you wish to store. 


Because storage spaces vary in shape and size, it can be difficult to make an estimate of how much space you really need. Ceiling height, in particular, plays a large role in space estimation because not many people are accustomed to planning how to use a space efficiently when stacking things on top of each other.  A storage space calculator creates a visual representation of different sized spaces and gives you the tools you need to try and place where your belongings will go.  


Save Money on Storage Costs

When you have too much stuff and don’t have time to find a home for it, it can be impossible to know how long you will need to store it in a storage unit. Because of this, it is critical that your monthly storage rates remain as low as possible. Using a storage space calculator takes the hard work out of deciding how small you can go and ultimately saves you money in the long.  


Reducing the amount of empty space wasted in a storage unit good planning and tactful placement. The visualization aid of using a storage space calculator will help you plan how you want to store your belongings and make the most of the space you have. No one wants to waste money on space they are not using or feel like they are losing value.