While the rest of the world has a steady vaccine rollout and is seeing their countries lift restrictions for vaccinated people, Thailand is falling behind. With no real end to the pandemic in sight, residents of Thailand are starting to understand what the rest of the world felt in 2020. Lockdown is keeping residents from interacting with each other and is closing public spaces like parks and gyms. Now more than ever, keeping healthy is a major challenge for Thais.


Aside from general health and safety protocols, it’s important for everyone to monitor their physical health. Without having to do simple tasks like walking for a commute or walking around the office, you are doing significantly less walking and general movement. It can be detrimental to your physical health to be sedentary for so long, and you may face symptoms like fatigue, weight gain, and muscle atrophy. 


During a period of staying at home, it’s important to work a safe, simple exercise into your routine to avoid any health issues and to generally stay healthy. Exercise is always important in our lives, and while we may not always get active exercise by going to the gym, we can get passive exercise by living our lives. Without the latter at our disposal, we need to work harder on the former.


There are plenty of great resources online for home workouts, showing how to do the routines and giving pointers on form and technique. You can usually trust these videos if they are uploaded from a verified source. It can be risky to follow advice from someone who isn’t accredited, so be vigilant. 


Other than that, make sure that you have enough space to do your workouts safely, and are eating well to supplement your hard work. There’s nothing like working hard in the “gym” but limiting your progress in the kitchen.