A Home Garage

Considering that most people are working from home these days, home improvement projects are becoming the favorite pastime of many. What better way to improve your home than building your very own garage where you can spend hours upon hours wrenching on your cars and motorcycles or just to hide from an angry wife. 

The modern man is spoilt for choice when it comes to building his own garage. But what is a man to do with so many options, ideas and products on the market today? Here’s a quick and dirty guide to getting your own dream car garage. 

Firstly, any decent garage needs a proper car lift where you can lift your car up for inspection. It doesn’t matter if you don’t know an axle from an exhaust pipe. It’s cool to look under your car now and again and pretend you know what you’re looking at when friends come over! Besides, having a serious looking garage is always cool for Instagram.

Insulate and climate control! If you’re planning on spending more than an hour a day in the garage, make sure you make it a comfortable place to be. Add in air conditioning and a heater if you need it and a comfortable chair for you to while away the hours or just to hide from the kids and wife! 

Don’t be afraid to invest in shiny cabinets and trolleys for your tools, even if you don’t have any! A proper garage should never be devoid of tools and equipment. Even if you don’t plan on fixing any of your vehicles yourself, you can’t deny the cool factor of looking like you know what you’re doing. 

A garage is a perfect place to hide away from day-to-day annoyances, but it can be a safe space as well. Build yourself a garage, and you’ll have your own fortress of solitude.