Plan a Winter Outdoor Event and Dinner

For most of the year in Thailand, attending an outdoor event can be an exercise in choosing clothes that are the most comfortable to wear and show the least amount of perspiration stains. But for the two glorious months of December and January, people can wear their finest clothes, attend an outdoor event, and actually feel comfortable. They’ll be able to enjoy themselves under the stars and wish the weather would always be this balmy. 

It’s the perfect time to host an outdoor party for some special occasion of your work colleagues, family, or friends. Be creative in choosing the venue. If some impressive public building catches your eye in Bangkok, it’s very likely that the owners will rent it for an event. All it takes is negotiating a fair price. If it’s a private building, be sure and enquire about insurance. 

Decide what your budget will be, and be reasonable. People will only enjoy a party thrown by someone who can afford it. Make a list of what you’ll need to provide after you’ve secured a venue and know what the venue will cover. For example, renting an area in your favorite restaurant means that food, liquor, and bathrooms will be covered, so you’ll be able to spend more effort on decorations. 

Choose a place that’s easy for the guests to get to, and make sure there’s enough parking and easy ways for people to get home after the party. As a good host, you’re responsible for your guest’s entire evening, coming and going. During the party, be seen and available to handle any problems and pay the bill at the end of the evening. 

Winter can be a spectacular time to throw an outdoor party and dinner. It just takes some planning to ensure everything goes smoothly and everyone has a good time.