The end of the monsoon rains means that the holiday season will soon be upon us. Now is the perfect time for every resident of Thailand to plan a getaway to the island of Phuket to celebrate the holidays with an adventure tour package in Phuket.

Thailand residents who have endured the months of lockdown caused by the COVID-19 pandemic may be itching to get out in the fresh air and sunshine, stretch their legs, and enjoy themselves. And what better way to do this than to book a Phuket adventure tour package to help you make the most of your holiday?

Active families with kids will especially appreciate the wealth of activities and adventures the island offers. For water-lovers, there is boating, kayaking, rafting, canoeing, tubing, snorkeling, swimming and water-skiing. And for those who prefer their fun on dry land, there is golf, hiking, visiting nature sanctuaries, and zip-lining adventures to experience.

The island offers something for every member of the family. And your only problem may be trying to pack all your activities into the days of your holiday stay. But never fear, with the upcoming high season, there will be plenty of days with sunshine and balmy weather to take advantage of.

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Experience the Family-friendly Thrills of Zip-lining

Zip-lining is one of the most popular, family-friendly activities on Phuket for families that crave a healthy adventure. And Flying Hanuman on the island of Phuket is the site of one of the largest zip-lining facilities in Asia.

The facility offers 42 platforms and 16 zip-lines along with a host of abseil points, spiral stairways, sky bridges and hiking trails. A zip-lining adventure tour package in Phuket provides over 3-hours of fun and adventures soaring above the jungle.

The adventure is suitable for all family members, both young and old. Flying Hanuman provides trained professional guides to ensure a safe and fun day for everyone.

Take a Tropical White-water Rafting Trip

If you’ve never experienced the thrills and spills of white-water rafting, there are tour companies in Phuket offer the experience of a lifetime along the Song Praek River in neighboring Phang Nga. This full-day adventure can include elephant bathing, cave exploring, ATV driving and swimming underneath a waterfall as well as a hearty lunch.

It all depends on your choice of packages. Tour companies are standing by to provide you with a fun-filled day packed with whatever activities you want to experience. Just be sure to bring a towel, swimsuit, change of clothes, sunscreen and a camera.

Plenty of Other Choices in Phuket Adventures

These two adventures are just a sample of the many activities you can experience by booking Phuket adventure tour packages.

With the threat of COVID-19 slowly receding into the past in Thailand, it’s high time that you and your family celebrate the holiday season by getting out and staying active for a week or two. And booking an adventure tour package in Phuket is the ideal way to help you do just that.