Companies that rely on a vast database of images to drive their business, like image licensing companies and magazine publishers, face a growing problem. The more images they store, the harder it is to sort through their database to find the perfect image to fill their client’s needs or illustrate a story. But now, there’s an image labeling tool that can simplify their search and make it easy to differentiate between similar imagery. 

image labeling tool

The Power of AI

These image labeling tools employ artificial intelligence (AI) to define attributes of images more completely and exactly, saving many hours of sorting through images manually.

For instance, let’s say you need to find an image of a romantic couple in a park to illustrate a story your company is publishing. By entering ‘couple in a park,’ you get many possible matches. But by using an image labeling tool that employs AI, you’re able to narrow your search to find the perfect image for your needs. 

You can define certain elements in the image you’d like to see, such as ‘couple in a park holding balloons’ and ‘couple in a park holding balloons by the side of a pond.’  

The AI algorithm automatically sorts through the potential matches to find the image that most closely matches all the elements you’ve entered. 

Quicker and More Exact Matches

The best part about the inclusion of AI in the image labeling tool is that the more images it has to sort through, the better it becomes at the task. The addition of AI has made the creation of vast databases of images easier to manage than ever before. Now, companies that rely on imagery in their daily work can eliminate the need to sort through images by hand. They’re able to cut down on the need for human resources and speed up their production.