If you love beer and you love to travel then you definitely want to combine the two and try all the exciting beer options that exist around the world. It can be very fun to mix travel and beer tastings, especially with the many countries that specialize in their own special beer styles. This article will give you some great destinations for any beer lover to check out during their next vacation.

Grand Rapids, Michigan

A multiple-time Beer City, USA award winner and home to the world-renowned Founders Brewing Company, Grand Rapids is one of the top beercation destinations that any beer lover should know of. The brewing culture in this river city is so strong that every year there are more craft breweries popping up with their own unique flavours; the current number of breweries in this city is well over 80. Beer tours are easy to find and there is plenty going on in this friendly city, making it an ideal vacation destination.

Brussels, Belgium

Brussels is a great destination for any beer lover. This tiny country has over 200 breweries, many of which have been in operation for centuries. Belgium is one of the countries that has had a hand in defining what great beer looks like to the point that many other brewers around the world make Belgian-style beers. 

Vancouver, Canada

In addition to being a city with a vibrant beer culture, Vancouver has many interesting tourist attractions and is a very walkable city. It is easy to explore the city on foot and take in all the sights while stopping at one of their 47 breweries to enjoy a refreshing beverage.