Protect Your Family This Songkran

The famous Songkran water fights, a draw to tourists from all over the world, are about to return to the streets of Thailand once again. They had been banned during the pandemic, but with the lifting of the ban, young and old are arming themselves with super-soakers and getting ready to wage a light-hearted battle with other fun-seekers. 

The water fights have escalated in the power and velocity of the water guns used as technology has advanced. There are even some home-built water guns, created from blue PVC tubing, that have been declared illegal by the police and are liable to be confiscated when spotted by the cops. Even the commercial range of super-soakers has grown larger and more powerful than they once were. 

<h2>Protect Your Eyes and Ears</h2>

The power of the water guns is not the only thing you have to protect yourself from. The water used as ammo also can be hygienically suspect. People in the heat of a raging battle are known to refill their water guns from stagnant barrels, creeks, and drains. 

People joining in the fun are cautioned to ensure the fun doesn’t mean a trip to the local doctor in the days following Songkran. By taking some simple precautions, you can stay healthy and enjoy the holiday. 

Most post-Songkran visits to the doctor are for eye and ear infections. You can safeguard the health of the family by buying swim goggles and ear plugs for them and insisting they wear them. The swim goggles will protect the eyes from the powerful streams of modern super-soakers, as well as infections from any contaminated water. The ear plugs will help protect the ears and eardrums from blasting jets of water and infections from water-borne impurities.

A little preparation can go a long way in helping you enjoy the Songkran holiday.