A Dog Can Improve Your Health

Dogs can improve your health, both mentally and physically. They can be warm and fuzzy helpers to bring a sad and depressed person out of the doldrums and provide love and companionship to the lonely or elderly. 

Many hospitals are now allowing dogs to visit the sick and dying. They can comfort young patients and brighten up the days of everyone. 

Providing Purpose in Our Lives

Dogs provide us with a purpose and a reason to care. They can become the center of the universe for lonely and forgotten people. Dogs love people unconditionally, and they love people even more when they’re well taken care of. Through the act of taking care of and seeing to the needs of a beloved puppy, people tend to forget about their own problems. Dogs also provide needed feedback. A person who diligently feeds, walks, takes care of any medical problems, and provides them with the love and care they need will always have a friend they can count on. 

Simply stroking and petting a dog can lower the blood pressure of a stressed-out individual. This is one of the reasons they are being allowed in hospitals. They can be a calming influence before a scary procedure or provide comfort in unfamiliar surroundings. 

Simply taking a dog for a walk can be a healthy habit to get into. A dog needs to be taken out a couple of times a day, at least. People who get in the habit of walking their dog can also unintentionally develop good exercise habits that they tend to stick to because of the need to provide for the dog’s welfare. 

The health of dog owners is often much better than the general population of the same age. So, if you want to get in better shape, you might consider adopting a dog.