Outsource Company Secretarial Services in Thailand


        It’s often wise to outsource your company’s secretarial services In Thailand, especially if your company goes public. Public companies in Thailand have a greater responsibility to stay current with all the necessary paperwork, including public notices, meeting minutes, lists of directors, shareholders, registered capital and other important documents. All these documents must be filed with the Thai government within specified time limits. 

        Not knowing the current applicable laws is an invalid excuse for not filing the proper paperwork at the proper time. Incurring fines or possibly being barred from doing business can be the worst possible outcome for a company that’s trying to establish itself as reputable and knowledgeable. 

Steep Learning Curve

        For a young company, earning sudden success can be complicated and represent a steep learning curve that must be overcome to compete successfully in your industry. 

        The people you’re working with may be the best and brightest at the job they’re doing for your company in the context of your industry, but secretarial services take their own type of expertise. 

        Many companies are finding that it makes more sense logistically and financially to outsource their secretarial chores. Partnering with a company that stays current on all the changes and amendments to the business laws of Thailand streamlines your workload and ensures the laws are followed to the letter.  

An Easy and Streamlined Solution

        In outsourcing secretarial services, the partner firm assumes the role of company secretary for your organization. They have legal experts who will arrange and file all the documents required under Thai law. 

        Company structures often change once a company goes public, and these changes must be accompanied by a set of documents specifically detailing the changes. Your secretarial partner will arrange for the proper documents to ensure your company remains in compliance with the current laws and file them on your behalf. 

        Your staff can concentrate on handling the changes at the company level, without worrying about any legal ramifications. 

        Outsourced company secretaries also often provide legal services outside of government requirements. They can set up both public and private companies if your company has a need to diversify or operate under a separate brand name for certain products.  

Get Answers Quickly

        Your secretarial partner can serve you in corporate planning and investment opportunities. They know all the laws and regulations concerning investments and can advise you on whether a certain investment makes sense from a legal standpoint. 

        They’ll be at your side, providing you with legal and taxation knowledge for various opportunities that may present themselves as your company grows and matures. 

Mazars is a Trusted Name

        Mazars is one of the most trusted names in the business world of Thailand. They can be counted to help a young company by knowing and filing the necessary documents that allow the young company to grow and succeed. 

        Instead of dealing with complicated regulations that you’re unsure of, partner with professionals who know the laws of Thailand and can help ensure your company’s success.