Here are the Leading Italian Walk-in Closet Designers 

italian walk-in closet

When designing a home or planning a remodel, it is common for the design of a walk-in closet to take a lot of time and involvement. This is primarily because the walk-in closet is often one of the most visited rooms in a home. In many cases, it can even be the centerpiece of the master bedroom and one of a home’s key selling points. Many luxury homeowners prefer the style and craftsmanship of an Italian walk-in closet when they are designing the closet of their dreams, and for good reason.

Italian furniture has long been venerated for its dedication to high-quality craftsmanship and artful, timeless design. Most of the leading brands for luxury Italian furniture have been in business for over one hundred years, highlighting their craftsmanship and practiced expertise.

Among the best companies for designing Italian walk-in closets, two stand out above the rest.



Since 1946, Malerba has been distinguished amongst Italy’s finest luxury designers and furniture brands. Malerba wardrobes and closets are known for their use of space and incorporation of unique drawer and shelving systems. 

Malerba approaches walk-in closet design to have the closet be more than just a space to keep clothes. In designing spaces, they account for the needs of the customer by accommodating their clothes and apparel through artful and cleverly designed drawers and storage spaces. Innovation and creativity are synonymous with Malerba.



Molteni&C are leaders in designing contemporary Italian walk-in closets, delivering sleek and modern designs that effortlessly accent any room. Their use of glass and open lighting create the feeling of wide-open space even if space is at a premium.  

Molteni provides customers with custom designs that are perfect for single homes, apartment complexes, or the hospitality industry. Since 1934 Molteni has been a champion of Italian walk-in closet and wardrobe design and production.